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Sheila G proudly presents our brand NEW ORGANIC Brownie Brittle in a brand NEW flavor and still only 120 cals/oz.  Pretzel & Dark Chocolate Brownie Brittle is, simply put, one of the BEST flavor combinations to ever come out of Sheila G.  This new flavor marries rich dark velvety chocolate with tiny pretzel pieces to give you the ultimate in salty sweet snacking. Developing this latest version of our Brownie Brittle took years to perfect to the point where Sheila G was comfortable putting the Brownie Brittle name on it.  At Brownie Brittle, we're about innovation and choice, and this new Organic version promises you all that goodness you've come to love in our Brownie Brittle with hand-selected Organic ingredients we know you'll appreciate.  This 5oz bag of our brand new Pretzel & Dark Chocolate Brownie Brittle flavor is definitely one worth trying. Grab a bag of this along with our Organic Chocolate Chip and Organic Chocolate & Toasted Coconut Brownie Brittle varieties!
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